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What are the exams needed to be cleared to study abroad?

IELTS/ TOEFL is require to take admission in UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia , USA and many other country to fulfill the English Language Criteria.

Universities in the US need the GRE and TOEFL for admission to non-business programmes at the Master’s level. At the Bachelor’s level students need to appear for the SAT and SAT subject tests. All leading business schools across the world need the GMAT for admissions (some of them will now accept the GRE as well).

Do I need a 16th year of education to study abroad?

US and Canadian universities need students to have 16 years of undergraduate education for admission, although a few universities have waived this requirement now. It is better to pursue at least one year of a Master’s degree course and fulfil this requirement before you apply. UK Australia, New Zealand and European universities, on the other hand, follow the 15 years of undergraduate study pattern which is similar to the Indian system of education and hence don’t need a 16th year.

What is the new GRE?

The new GRE promises to reduce the focus on vocabulary, eliminating antonyms and analogies completely. In the Verbal section, the focus will shift from vocabulary to reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning will focus on data interpretation and real life scenarios. All in all, the new GRE will be like the GMAT in many ways. Give yourself minimum three months of preparation time for the GRE. I highly recommend that you refer to books such as ‘The Official Guide to GRE’ as well as ‘Barons Guide to the new GRE’. Nonetheless, with effective preparation you should be fine taking the new GRE. More information on the new GRE is available at Each section in the new GRE will be scored on a scale of 130-170, making 340 the high score and 260 the low score.

Can I work in the UK after I finish my education?

Remember, no one can ever guarantee you jobs after you graduate. If you network well, you may get a job after you graduate. However, job prospects are better if you graduate from a well known university. If you are looking to work in the UK after you finish your education, then you should target UKBA listed companies well in advance so it will be easier for you get the work visa.

What is OPT?

The US system offers Optional Practical Training (or OPT) which allows students to work for 12 to 29 months (depending on the course) in their field of study on completion of the course. The OPT is part of the student visa (F1) itself. During the OPT period if a company would like to retain a student for full-time work, they would sponsor his/her work (H1) visa which is generally for three years. The company can then extend the work visa for an additional three years. Thus, the chance of securing a job after graduation is better in the US as compared to other countries.

What does it cost to study abroad?

Studying is Australian university is one of the expensive as compared to other countries. Fees will vary from university to university and country to country, hence you must check our individual countries details to get information in details.

What loans from India can I get to study abroad?

Students, who are financially weak but keen on studying abroad, can avail of funding resources such as need based grants from universities, grants from trusts, and bank loans.

For loans, most Indian banks now provide up to 20 lakh education loan and some state banks will offer you a certain amount of the loan (generally 7.5 lakh) without any collateral or security and offer good interest rates as well. Please contact individual banks to get an idea. Having said this, it is best to plan your finances well, before you make any decision.

Do universities abroad offer scholarships?

Scholarships are competitive and awarded to the most deserving students. At the graduate level you can get funding in the form of graduate assistantships where you work or research with professors. In exchange you will get your entire tuition fees waived, and get a monthly stipend to cover your living expenses. Naturally, such awards are very competitive. Universities abroad consider various factors such as previous academics, entrance test scores, work experience, application documents and so on while assessing an application for admission and scholarships; hence, it is imperative to have a well-rounded outstanding profile before you apply. Such awards are available generally at the Master’s level only.

Can I do an MBA without work experience?

Yes you can get admission in MBA without having work experience but MBA is a broader, practical-oriented degree so it advisable to study MBA after having work experience.

What are the SAT subject tests? How are they different from SAT?

Most top ranked US schools will require the SAT subject tests along with the SAT. You can get more information on the SAT I and SAT II on or click here .

What books can I buy to study for the GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS?

For the GRE you can refer to the ETS GRE Revised Test, Barrons and Kaplan GRE books. For GMAT, you can refer to books such GMAT Official Guide and the Manhattan Study Guides. For SAT, you can refer to the Collegeboard Official Study Guide. For the TOEFL, you can refer to the Barrons and Kaplan books as well as For IELTS, you can collect your study material from the British Council. IF you need any training then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is the IELTS and the TOEFL the same?

Both TOEFL and IELTS are English proficiency tests required to be taken by all international students. Both the exams have speaking, reading, writing and listening sections. However, US universities prefer the TOEFL whereas other countries universities prefer IELTS. For more information on these exams visit our training sections.

What does the International admission officer look for while granting admissions?

Universities abroad consider various factors such as previous academics, entrance test scores, work experience, application documents and so on while assessing an application for admission; hence, it is imperative to have a good academic profile.

How do I apply for an undergraduate course for UK universities?

Undergraduate applications to UK universities are fairly simple. You will be required to fill out the UCAS form at UK universities generally do not require any supporting documents to be sent to them at the time of application. You will be required to enter your marks on the UCAS form itself as well as upload a letter of recommendation from a teacher and a personal statement. Once a university has accepted you, you may be required to forward the final transcripts and financial documents while accepting your offer of admission. Also some UK universities take admission without UKAS. Consult with us for more details.

How difficult is to get a visa to study abroad?

For the student visa, as long as you have an admission offer from an accredited university and are able to show sufficient funds to cover your education and living, it should not be a problem. Just be honest when you apply for your visa.

How much money does RBI allow for study abroad?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allows students to take up to US$ 100,000 for their education abroad. In some cases, the RBI may allow a higher limit if the course so demands it. for the latest updates.

How do I pay my university fees?

You can make the payment of your tuition fees through wire transfer. For this, you will need your university bank account information. Alternatively, you can also make a demand draft of the amount and carry it with you. The wire transfer is the preferred method of paying fees. GES is having tie-up with banks and Forex offices which will help you transfer your fees to the universities.
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